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Getting Started

This is the beginner guide, made in the hopes that everyone having common problems might find solutions. This will start from the bare basics.

How do I get the game?

Currently, in order to play the game you have to support on Patreon. There will be a Steam release, as well as launches on various other storefronts, but there aren't any current release dates.

You can alternatively play using the free warrior-only version of the game, which is found in the launcher. This version does not require a Patreon account, and is intended for playing with friends who own the game.

What are the different Patreon tiers?

A screenshot of the patreon levels

Bombardier ($5 USD) gives you access to the Alpha 3 version of the game, although there will be updates to this version in the future. This currently has online and Quest support.

Earthbreaker ($10 USD) gives you access to the prototype builds. This contains the newest experimental features, such as special maps. This version of the game will be updated fairly regularly.

Riftmaker ($25 USD) comes with no extra content, although if you get this level you will get an instant preorder as described below.

Can I just pay once and have permanent access to the game?

Yes, you can! once you spent $25 USD total you will have permanent access to the alpha version of the game. All you have to do is subscribe to the riftmaker tier, then cancel your Patreon subscription right after you create it. You will also have the added benefit of having the prototype built for that month only.

With this, you'll have the alpha version permanently, as well as get a copy on either Steam or the Quest when it releases.

How do I download the game?

For PC

  1. Go to this link and download the file provided: Download Link

  2. Run DavigoLauncherUpdater. This is the launcher installer, which installs the launcher to %localappdata% by default.

  3. Create an account, using the same email that you used for your Patreon (if you have one).

    • If the alpha doesn't show up and you think it should, wait 10 minutes and try again.
    • If it still isn't there, feel free to create a post in #ask-for-help-here in the discord server.
  4. You're in! Download and enjoy!

For Quest

Please follow the instructions at this link.

How do I install the launcher to a different path? (Workaround for Launcher path error)

There isn't a particularly user friendly way of doing this at the moment, but it is possible.

The work around at the moment is to open a CMD window, and run the following command: "PathToInstaller" "FolderPathToNewLauncher", substituting PathToLauncher and FolderPathToNewLauncher with their respective paths. For example, "C:\Users\SuperAwesomeGuy\Downloads\DavigoLauncherUpdater.exe" "D:\Games\DAVIGOLauncher".

This is used internally for updating the launcher, but the install process is the same. The main difference is it will not create a shortcut to the launcher.

How do I install custom maps?

Option A - Ingame

  1. Click the 'more' tab on the main menu.

  2. Click the downloadable custom maps option.

  3. Download your maps.

Option B - Manually (PC)

  1. Get your map(s) from wherever

  2. Place them in the Documents\Davigo\OnlineMaps directory

  3. Open an online lobby, and find the map in the standard map dropdown.

Option B - Manually (Quest)

  1. Get your map(s) from wherever

  2. Put the map file in Android\data\com.davico.davigo\files\OnlineMaps via SideQuest.

  3. Open an online lobby, and find the map in the standard map dropdown.

What headsets does the game support?

The game currently supports all SteamVR supported headsets.

How much will the game cost when it fully releases?

The price is not set.

When will the game release?

There isn't a set date yet.

Do the hands move a bit slower in Davigo than in real life?

This behaviour is intentional! It ensures that the giant cannot overwhelm the warrior with too much speed, and requires wind-ups for ground pounds and throws.

The giant/warrior is too strong compared to the warrior/giant.

There's definitely imbalances right now, and the imbalances tend to shift along the skill curves. We've found balance goes back and forth when we add new features (e.g., room scale maps that allow the giant to walk around make them much stronger).

My play space is super small, so it's tough to move as the giant without hitting things in my area

This is a pretty common issue for people with smaller play spaces, and definitely something we plan to address before a full release.