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Govigedit 4.0.0 changelog

Hey all, With custom maps back in, we're releasing an update to the DAVIGO map making package for Unity. First off, it's still called called Govigedit, but will be changed to something like DAVIGO Map Editor in the future. The new name is clever and it took a long time to settle on it (kidding).

The DAVIGO Map Editor allows you to create maps for DAVIGO using Unity, the free game development environment we use to make the game itself.

This update introduces new features, and makes the tool more stable so that future updates should no longer break maps! That being said, this update itself will break maps (so update yours if you have one!)

Below is some details on what's new:

Placeholder System

To keep custom maps updated with the art and game mechanic changes of certain prefabs we have implemented a placeholder system (similar to the Davigedit days, but with a bit more customization).

Items such as rockets, cannons and hammer spawners are now setup with placeholders that will swap them for the up-to date prefabs at the start of a match.

Everything but the cannons are aligned to the bottom of the box, so no matter what we do with the art, swapped items should always be flush to the ground. The cannons and its button are aligned from the top so make sure to leave a little poking out.

To replace the cannon's advanced functionality we have added an Advanced Object Spawner (more on that later)

To make migration easier, we have also included a Replace GameObjects tool. It can be found in the Top Menu Bar --> Replace GameObjects.

Advanced Object Spawner

To replace the cannon's advanced functionality, we have added an object spawner for advanced users. This can either be automatic or be triggered by a button press, can have a spawn delay, and give a force to any object spawned.

Game Mode Support

You can now add Tower and Capture support into your map. Using the GameModeSetup tool you can setup/edit the required items.

When you are finished placing them just remember to press save and delete as you don't want to leave these placeholder in the scene itself!

Most of the gamemode objects are pretty straightforward to set-up, however the tower piece field is a little more involved. This basically sets up a safe zone where tower pieces can be. Any pieces outside of this area will respawn. You can use the on-screen gizmo (the blue zone) to figure out where is safe.

Buoyancy Object/Bouyance Volume

Objects can now have interactions with water.

You need to setup a buoyancy volume on your map, and setup your objects to have a BuoyanceObject component. They can cause splashes, get some drag, and/or float. You can also add a direction to your buoyancy volume to push floating objects.

Why did we call it a buoyance object? Because we like to make up words.

Quick Exports

There is now an extra export option, to only export the map for one specific platform. Great for quickly iterating on maps, as you no longer need to unnecessarily export a e.g. quest version of your map. This is intended for testing maps only, and uploading a quick export map to is disabled.