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DAVIGO Map Editor Toolset


This page is meant to provide a brief overview of what every component does. For more info, in editor, add the component to a script and hover over the various fields to see what they do.


Spawn Postions (Required)

These will tell the game where to spawn the Giant, Warrior and Observer.

Killzone (Required)

This is a box that can be adjusted to fit the size of your map, which destroys any objects that enter it. Otherwise, objects will eternally fall, causing perfomance issues over time. If you are making your own Killzone from scratch, make sure there are no leaks in it (places where objects can escape).

Map Settings Component (Required)

This is used for configuring data about your map. For example, map name, author, description and preview image.

DAVIGO objects


Shoots the specified prefab (by default, a cannonball) at the Giant upon being triggered by the Button.


Is shot by the cannon. Explodes on contact with any surface.

Trigger Button

Triggers triggerables. Currently only the cannon and moving platform.

Can be configured to be triggerable by the warrior, the warrior's ragdoll, the giant, any rigidbody, an object with a specific or a combination of any of these.


Flies in the specified random direction when either a warrior walks into its trigger, or the rigidbody it's perched on moves.


A destructible rock. Has 2 health.

Block Shard

A variant of the block, with only 1 health.

Block Wall

A variant of the block, which is embedded in a wall. Can be pulled out by the Giant, and/or destroyed by the warrior.


A tree fixed in place. can be pulled out of its "roots" by the Giant, and/or destroyed by the warrior.

Tree (Short Trunk)

a variant of the tree with a shorter trunk, to avoid the trunk poking out the bottom of thin floors.

Rigidbody Components


It is not recommended to create rigidbodies manually, instead, use the interactable object builder. The below components are added by the object builder, among others.

Davigo Network Rigidbody

Add this component to any rigidbody in order to sync it over the network. Required for all rigidbodies.


This will be used with the scoreboard to mark who damaged who and with how much damage.

Damageable Object

Place this on any object you would like to be able to take damage. Recommended to use alongside the Destructible Object Component. An example can be found on the Rock.

Destructible Object

Place this component on any object you wish to be able to be destroyed. If Damageable Object is present, this will trigger when it's health reaches zero. Has many options for customisation. An example can be found on the Rock.

Surface Components

Impactable Component

This component will allow the Giant to fissure and shockwave any object it is put on. Highly recommended you put this on all your terrain.

Ditherable Surface Component

This component will apply a dither effect to any object the component is on. Only works if the material applied is using a dither shader, e.g. GridGrass.

Physics Material

This changes the footstep audio and collision sounds to whatever ScriptableObject is put into Data. Grass and Rock are included by default. To create your own, right click somewhere in the project window, and go to Create/Physics/Physics Material Data and assign your own footstep sounds and collision sounds.

Performance Components

Quality Levels Group

This is used to show different art depending on whether a user is on Quest 1, Quest 2 or PC for per device optimization.

Miscellaneous Components

Giant Boundary

Place this on a GameObject at 0,0,0 and create points to adjust your boundary to your liking. An example can be found in DAVIGO Map Editor_Kairos.

Multi Audio Source

This can be added to any object to play sounds, as long as you attach an audio file. Meant to replace the Unity AudioSource, which does not support playing to multiple devices (VR and PC).

Rigidbody Explosion

This will be triggered either when Destructible Object is triggered and it has Detonate On Death checked, or if Detonate On Spawn is checked.

Trigger Push

This will add the force specified to any physics object that enters the trigger collider over every second. Note that this is additive. There are also overrides for warriors, and warriors who are not on the ground (referred to as jumping warriors).

Moving Platform

Moves from point to point over the time specified in the point. Can be triggered.